Thursday, 25 February 2010

Great weather for ducks.....and gulls

A heavily moulting 3rd winter (?) Yellow-legged Gull (photographed in Portugal)
It seems like it has rained the whole year so far. It was a grey start today and the usual and expected rain kicked in later in the afternoon. I woke up early this morning intent on visiting The Scrubs. One look at the grey skies sent me packing back to bed. Of course, things could be a lot worse like it is in Madeira. What a dreadful situation out there.

Meanwhile, back in The Urban Birder Towers, it was business as usual. I've been asked to review a photographic guide to Jamaican birds by Birdguides and a book on wildlife in London by BBC Wildlife Magazine. The latter magazine has also invited me to attend their readers day as one of their experts at Slimbridge WWT in May. I have also been asked to attend the Birdwatchers Spring Fair in Tamworth for the second year in a row in April and finally, the London Wetland Centre have asked me to lead a walk and give a talk during their 10 year anniversary celebrations in late May early June.

The diary's padding out!

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