Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Urban Birder goes to Potters Bar!

I was supposed to arise at 4.30am this morning to take my mum to Heathrow Airport in order for her to catch a plane to New York to attend a funeral. I was spared waking up at that ungodly hour because she had called me the night before to tell me that her flight was cancelled. Apparently, the snow cover in New York is atrocious. Judging from the images I saw on the news of Washington under tons of snow, I could well imagine the Big Apple's plight.

This morning a couple of the guys from the British Trust for Ornithology came around to my house - all the way from Thetford, Norfolk, although not just to see me! They filmed me in a freezing, snowy street in Notting Hill talking about House Martins as part of their 'Out Of Africa' Appeal. The results of the filming will be on their website in early March.

At lunchtime I journeyed to the extremities of the Northern Line to deliver a talk to the Potters Bar RSPB group. When I arrived it quickly became apparent that I had no projector, so I had to give a 2 hour talk with no visuals and plenty of arm waving. I really enjoyed it and they seemed to love my Scrubs/urban birding talk.

Back at home later in the afternoon, I stared at a computer screen trying to kick-start my already late Bird Watching Magazine Brighton article. Inspiration, where are you when I need you?

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