Friday, 1 February 2013

Quiet days in old LA

 Red-shouldered Hawk
 Band-tailed Pigeon
A female Mule Deer
A male House Finch
Things have been pretty quiet for me here in Hollywood since I arrived last Sunday. I haven't been out properly birding yet and for the first three days I had horrendous jetlag to contend with. Any birding was incidentally seen from the apartment I'm staying in at East Hollywood. The reason for my slowdown has largely been because I have been spending time organsiing the next legs of of my tour. For instance, I have just been invited to spend three days in San Francisco at the beginning of March - a city that I have never been to before.

Anyway, back at the ranch I have managed to connect with the usual avian fayre for these parts including Raven, American Crow, White-throated Swift, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Scrub Jay, California Towhee, Ring-billed & Western Gulls, Anna's Hummingbird, Turkey Vulture and of course, Red-tailed Hawks.

The birds and deer featured in the above photographs were all seen from my apartment. All things are set to change when I hit Tucson, Arizona on Sunday. It promises to be a full on birding fest in a part of the world that I have never been too. Can't wait!

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