Monday, 11 February 2013

Cape May in February

After leaving Tucson last Friday morning I headed back to LA for a couple of days before flying once again, this time to Philadelphia. My next move was to rent a car and do the 90 minute drive to Cape May, New Jersey.

Well, that was the plan. Although I did stick to it I did have a tough few days. Firstly, I caught the flu on my final day in Arizona. By the timeI got to LA I was pretty sick so I retreated to bed. Late on Saturday night I was having palpitations, extreme nausea and eventually passed out on the couch in front of my distressed mate. The following morning I awoke feeling pain all over my body. It was Saturday and I was feeling doubtful for catching the flight the following morning. However, during the day I perked up enough to make the flight.
 American Robins roving
 White-throated Sparrow
Fox Sparrow
My first morning in Cape May was a dull, misty and drizzly one. I'm staying with Richard Crossley and his family. For those who don't know, he was the guy who put together the highly original Crossley ID guide to the birds of Eastern America.

He took me for a couple of scouts around this pretty vast headland and through the grey mist we saw interesting birds like Great Northern Divers, Buffleheads, Pied-billed Grebes and Red-shouldered Hawks. I got a couple of new lifers including Carolina Chickadee and Eastern Bluebirds. But tomorrow is the day when we venture out on a proper birding walkabout. Hopefully, the weather will be clear.

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