Monday, 4 February 2013

My first morning in Tucson, Arizona

Landed in Tucson last night after a comedic flight from LA. When I say comedic I mean it in the best way possible. The flight attendants were cracking gags throughout the flight over the tannoy - even when they were doing the safety demonstrations!

I was picked up by Sharon Arkin, proprietor of Bed and Bagels B&B on the eastern edge of Tucson. She took me and my photographer, Sharon Cavanagh ( to stay in her B&B for the time that I'm going to be in the city.

In the morning I got up and when for a walk around the immediate neighbourhood. It was typically chilly - being a semi-arid desert habitat, but after a while I was spotting Gambel's Quails, Coyotes, Cotton-tail and Jack Rabbits as well as universal Mourning Doves.

Got two lifers too. Gila (pronounced 'healer') Woodpeckers that seemed to be quite common though difficult to photograph and sticking with the woodpeckers, a male Gilded Flicker that I recognised after I had arrived for breakfast.
 Strolling around the vicintiy
 Looking east at the mountains
 A lifer - a male Gilded Flicker
 Mourning Dove
 Some of the semi-arid habitat
 Yellow-rumped Warbler
 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Is this a female-type Yellow-rumped Warbler?

Tonight, I will be delivering a talk to the Tucson Audubon Society. Really looking forward to it.

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Meegster said...

Hi David: Yes indeed, that's a female-type Yellow-rumped Warbler! Looking forward to meeting you in Cape May... Megan Crewe