Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New bird for the 2013 Scrubs List

Great Black-back Gull (Russell F Spencer)
Whilst I was having a meeting within a warm, posh cafe in Notting Hill things were stirring at The Scrubs. I was chatting with the main marketing woman at Hurtigruten regarding my leading a cruise for them and the RSPB along the Norwegian coast in April. It will be a 10 day affair - but more about that another day.

Anyway, whilst I was supping hot chocolate an intrepid Scrubber was bracing the cold at The Scrubs and was rewarded with the sight of a passing Great Black-back - a newby on our year list. We get between one and five a year so they are not that common. Our year list is probably around the 40 species mark. It's a good start especially given that we can easily expect to see 80 by September.

Big things often have small beginnings.

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Warren Baker said...

Good one to get Dave :-) about the same scarcity as here :-)