Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A lifer on my patch!

Barn Swallow
Dropped into my Chiang Mai local patch this morning and effectively saw the birds that I saw yesterday. All was pretty quiet at first sight. I did enjoy prolonged views of a Dusky Warbler in a tree. This was a feat that was nigh on impossible yesterday when I spent the best part of three hours just catching the barest of fleeting glimpses of this unobtrusive warbler.

I decided to move on after about an hour to explore another section of my patch that snaked to the west following the meander of the lily clogged stream that ran through the heart of the area. After being woofed at by a gang of Thai dogs I settled in an area of open woodland that also stank to high heaven of human faeces. Perfection!

I was rewarded with several Black Drongos, Asian Koels large pheasant-like brown and black cuckoos and a hunting Brown Shrike. I managed to score a lifer in the shape of several Green-billed Malkoha - another large though gaily plumaged cuckoo with a lime green bill.

Tomorrow's my last day in the city before journeying south to Hua Hin on the coast. So, that will be one last morning on my patch. Let's hope it's a good one.....


RB said...

Presume you've uploaded the wrong photo of the swallow David? That's a Barn. Also been reading your blog with interest as I've been in Chiang Mai too. Is that warbler deffo a Two-barred Greenish? Why is it not a Yellow-browed? Cheers Rich

The Urban Birder said...

Hey Rich,

Thank you very much for pointing out my errors. I was in a rush and didn't closely examine the images that I posted - well, that's my excuse anyway!