Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My last morning in Chiang Mai

 Thick-billed Warbler
 Brown Shrike in the mist
 Tree Sparrow
Common Myna
My last morning down at my adopted patch resulted in another lifer - this time a Thick-billed Warbler. I am sure that I glimpsed one yesterday, but today's bird stood right out in the open churring away. Superficially, it looked like one of the many similarly coloured Streak-eared Bulbul that also hung out in the scrubby bushes. However, closer examination revealed that this bird had the typical reed warbler look. What struck me apart from the sheer size of the bird was its rounded reddish tail, plain face with black beady eye and its white throat. I was well happy with another self found lifer to the list.

My parting gift from my trusty patch was another brief look at an Asian Barred Owlet. As soon as it was aware that I was trying to train my camera in its direction it bolted.

For those interested I have drawn up the list of species that I saw at my patch over three mornings. Meanwhile, I am travelling south to Hua Hin. Check in again tomorrow.

My Chiang Mai patch list

Little Egret - a couple seen over the three days.
Chinese Pond Heron - frequently seen.
White-breasted Waterhen - frequently seen along the watercourse.
Common Moorhen - commonly seen often with the waterhens.
Feral Pigeon - common.
Spotted Dove - common.
Peaceful Dove - 1 seen today. Probably far more common.
Greater Coucal - commonly seen.
Asian Koel - commonly heard.
Green-billed Malkoha - several seen feeding in the trees yesterday.
Himalayan Swiftlet - commonly seen.
Asian Barred Owlet - seen 2 occasions perhaps indicating resident bird.
Collared Kingfisher - 1 briefly. Supposidly a summer visiter to the region.
Barn Swallow - commonly seen.
Wire-tailed Swallow - commonly seen.
White Wagtail - 1 pair seen daily.
Red-whiskered Bulbul - commonly seen.
Streak-eared Bulbul - commonly seen.
Common Stonechat - a female seen on a couple days. Buffy rump & longish tail.
Plain Prinia - commonly seen.
Common Tailorbird - 1 male seen yesterday.
Thick-billed Warbler - at least 1 obliging bird seen today.
Dusky Warbler - commonly heard, rarely glimpsed apart from 1 obliging bird yesterday.
Two-barred Greenish Warbler - 1 watched yesterday.
Yellow-browed Warbler - commonly seen and heard.
Taiga Flycatcher - at least 1 seen daily.
Oriental Magpie Robin - regularly seen.
Brown Shrike - at least 1 really obvious bird seen daily.
Black Drongo - seen reasonably often.
Black-collared Starling - a few birds seen yesterday.
Chestnut-tailed Starling - a few overflying flocks encountered every morning. A beautiful bird.
Common Myna - commonly seen.
White-vented Myna - commonly seen.
Tree Sparrow - very commonly seen.
Baya Weaver - 1 seen on the first two mornings.
Scaly-breasted Munia - commonly seen.

36 species including 2 lifers

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