Thursday, 12 January 2012

Long-tailed green flying rats?

Rose-ringed Parakeet (Yvette Spencer)
I think that it's a well known fact that I am not a great fan of our ever-increasing populations of Rose-ringed Parakeets.

I won't bore you with my reasons now, but tonight I received a tweet from a guy in Cardiff who proudly announced the arrival of the city's first bird.

You wait mate!


Michael Flowers said...

Sounds like a nationwide co-ordinated invasion. Heard & saw my first in Hull yesterday afternoon!

Craig Round said...

Surely a patch ticks a patch tick! Only one question, is it on the Scrubs list ;)!
Ring/rose-necked Parakeet is Category A in the West Mids requiring a full description and would be a major local patch tick! Tricky one this one Dave! I've already seen Ruddy Shelduck, Zebra Finch and Australian Magpie on my patch! And that's before i even get onto Little Owl ,Pheasant and Canada Goose. Brings into question the whole introduced enigma! I understand the whole Parakeet situation/probs but just where do we, as patch birders draw the line! Hmmm.

Craig Round said...
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