Friday, 13 January 2012

Campaign trail

East London and beyond (Geoff Nutter)
This morning I spoke at The Outdoor Show at London Excel in the Docklands. Incidently, the 'Excel' bit actually means exhibition centre London - a fact that I never knew. The Outdoor Show was basically a room filled with outdoorsy-type exhibitors stands that were swarming with interested members of the public.

I spoke on stage for nearly an hour about urban birding, following hot on the heals of the venerable Dominic Couzens who spoke about bird behaviour. He delivered a very interesting talk from which I learnt a lot. My only complaint was that the organisors never once came around to say hello. Most unprofessional.

Got two very interesting emails today. Firstly, I have been asked to write a 500 word essay about why society needs to treasure open spaces by 20/20Vision - a nature photography project aiming to communicate the link between habitat restoration and our well being. I am one of five respected commentators being asked to contribute to a book coming out later this year. I'm particularly honoured because I will be in the company of the likes of Simon Barnes. You can find out more about their work at

I was also asked to join in a debate regarding the proposed Thames Estuary Airport in the Thames Estuary, to be held next week in central London. With several politians, conservationists, high calibre business people plus members of the local community, it promises to be an interesting meeting.


Gene said...

You have a wonderful site. Thanks.
I just wrote a small blurb about birding in the city.
Could I include some information about you and your site?
Gene Vermillion

The Urban Birder said...

Please do!