Monday, 16 January 2012

Kate Humble & Tub

The lovely Kate with TUB
Spent a lovely afternoon hanging out with Kate Humble on the Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV1. We were there to launch the RSPB's Big Schools Birdwatch and I was specifically there to chat about the equipment that budding birders could use.

I'm quite interested in eyeing up that super expensive Sony recording binoculars.


Jess Stokes said...

Those binoculars sound so awesome! I saw them in the newspaper a while back. Will take a bit of saving before I can get any though lol!

John Hague said...

Thing is David, as I understand you are NOT looking at the actual bird only an image. This leads me to wonder can you actually say you've seen the bird?

BirderRon said...

An interesting point John, but at two grand, I won't be buying any - even if I am a Sony DSLR fan.