Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Observer Ethical Awards 2011 at the V&A

Mixed with the in crowd tonight but spent most of my time chatting with Bill Oddie, who has promised to pop over to The Scrubs in the autumn.

TUB presenting an award with the lovely Lucy Siegle
TUB gassing
Lucy with the Oscar winning Colin Firth
Lily Cole


stephens.burrowes said...

Dear David

We we're at the Awards with you on Thursday - Savy B.O.B. box Ethical Kids Award winners.

Would you be interested in any B.O.B. boxes for your project. we'd be glad to oblige.

We've just finalised the prototype of our 'new' B.O.B. box that should meet the needs of the food chain. This one's a B.B.B. box - a bat or bird and bug box.

It was great to see Bill Oddie out and about agin - a hero of mine ! I use a cracking video of Bill with Mike Majerus hunting ladybirds. It's hilarious - at one point Mike directs Bill to beat a bush with a stick. Bill obliges, chastising the bush : "Naughty bush ! Naughty bush !" One of my kids Top 10 funny videos !

Look forward to hearing from you.

Steve and the B.O.B. box team

Anonymous said...

Who are these people and why are they important?