Sunday, 12 June 2011

Date with the rain

Eurasian Jackdaw
What a washout!

Today I was in Plymouth being guided by great birder and ace twitcher, Sarah McMahon around the plentiful sites in the metropolitan area of her adopted home city. I say adopted as she hails from Leicester. What would have been a great day turned into a day of wet misery with solid rain falling from solid grey and misty skies all day. We literally toured the outskirts of the sites by car not daring to get out due to the blistering wind and pelting rain.

The afternoon was a tad better with the rain easing off a little, enough for me to spot a distant Little Tern from the corner of my eye as it quartered the River Plym. Sara was happy because any species of tern in June on the Plym is highly unusual, let alone a Little Tern whose nearest breeding colony is probably 100 miles away in Dorset.

As I always say, anything can turn up anywhere at anytime.

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