Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Disappointing day in the office

Collared Dove (David Fettes)
After deliberating and procrastination for nearly five weeks I finally finished an article on farmland birds for Countryfile Magazine in the wee hours of this morning. That's a heck of a long time even for a lazy git like me. You may be surprised that I refer to myself as lazy but the truth is, I'm so last minute dot com it's untrue.

Today was a frustrating day as I had to deal with a number of people that I could of quite frankly throttled on the spot. What's worse, the sun didn't really shine today. But I think the biggest unstabling thing for me at the moment is that fact I haven't visited The Scrubs for nearly two weeks. So tomorrow morning is the morning. Before then, I must imagine that I am the Collared Dove depicted above, sitting in a nest chilling out. Zen!

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