Monday, 4 April 2011

The Urban Birder in The Podding Shed

Jay - looks like a pair's on territory at The Scrubs (Russell F Spencer)
Unfortunately, I didn't make it to The Scrubs this morning and as a consequence missed out on two male Common Redstarts and six Willow Warblers. I have to delve into the history books to read about the last Common Redstart spring influx. It occurred in 2006 when at one point we had five redstarts in Chats Paddock. An unprecedented influx.

Instead, my day was spent proof reading my book. Later this evening I took part in a Charlie Moores (he of 'Talking Naturally' fame) The Conference Call skype podcast in his Podding Shed along with The Drunk Birder, John Hague, Birding Blogs' Tom McKinney and of course Charlie. I was on for around 20 minutes being quizzed about Urban Birding, The Scrubs and my new book.

The promotional roadshow has begun.

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Charlie said...

David, thanks very much for coming on and sorry we didn't get time to chat about the book - we do kind of meander on the Conference Calls which is why I suggested a one-to-one interview as well :)
Hopefully you've not been put off and we can have a chat soon!