Friday, 1 April 2011

It's Tower 42 season!

A sunny day on the Tower (Jon Osborne)
For the second year running we will be ascending the many floors and scampering up ladders to scan the skies over London in the hope of catching some migrating raptors - provided we get some nice weather, good winds and good luck. Our inaugural observation date will be next Friday.

I get really excited climbing those final stairs to the roof and if we don't see any birds, the views across the capital are just magical. Unfortunately, things are not so magical over at Canary Wharf. My proposed spring bird survey looks like it's off. After many phone calls and emails I got very little feed back and no indication of interest in the project from the powers that be.

You can't win them all.

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BirderRon said...

But at least you tried so don't give up and maybe they will agree just to keep you quiet ;-))) Who knows, they might even become interested in birding and do more to support you and other other birders down the Smoke.