Tuesday, 12 April 2011

All good

Long-tailed Tit
A good day in the office was had at The Urban Birder Towers. United beat Chelsea and I finally finished proof reading my book. Well, to be honest, you never finish proof reading when you've written a book. Like a vulture circling over a carcass you find yourself forever picking at pieces moving off only to come back to pick again.

Wrote an article on urban wildlife for BBC Wildlife sitting in bed at 6.30am whilst taking a break from laborious proof reading. All the while I wanted to be on my patch checking out the latest migrants and counting breeding pairs of the commoner species like Robins and Long-tailed Tits.

Roll on the dawn.

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Andrew said...

Long-tailed Tit's are a lovely little visitor I am getting every day in my Cheshire garden. A beautiful bird to see.