Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Time is running out

Great Tit (Jakub Puskas)
With the country seemingly carpeted with Waxwings I was left wondering why there not any buzzing around my patch at Wormwood Scrubs this morning. It was a bleak start with low cloud, low light and low heat - it was freezing. The tips of my toes began to freeze after a short while in my Hunters despite wearing two pairs of thermal socks.

The bird of the morning was without doubt the Mediterranean Gull that seems to sporadically popping up over the winter. It seems to turn up loosely associating with a sprinkling of Black-headed Gulls only to shortly pop off north over Scrubs Lane Wood to destinations unknown. I do love Med Gulls though. They are so beautiful. Leggier on the deck than their commoner Black-headed cousins and on the wing they seem to have a more graceful flappy owl-like flight to my mind.

Tomorrow I will hit the principality that is Staines in the name of journalism. In other words, I'm staring deadlines in the face and I need to write an article for Bird Watching Magazine -pronto!


Moore Patcher said...

No Waxwings on this patch either - meh:S

Anonymous said...

It's even more frustrating when you get a text telling you there are 27 Waxwings in the town where you live, only you are stuck at work 9 miles away and can't escape, as has happened to me this afternoon. :-(