Sunday, 5 December 2010

The deal so far

At last the snow is beginning to thaw and it's got slightly warmer. Only slightly. Apparently, the freezing conditions will be making a comeback within the next few days. I've been wrapped up with writing for the past few weeks so I've been a bit slack when it has come to checking out The Scrubs recently. So last week, I did my best to hit the hallowed turf on a near daily basis.

We are currently on 93 species and are now looking to get seven additional birds to make it to our biggest year total ever. The previous best was in 2008 when we clocked up 98. On Wednesday, 8 Goosanders flew over constituting our 94th species for the year as well as being our first of these sawbills ever recorded here.

The next few mornings saw good numbers of Skylarks, Lapwings and on the Goosander day, a solitary Golden Plover headed over with 26 Lapwings. The Goldie was our 2nd ever and our 2nd this year. It's tempting to think of what passes overhead when you hear about amazing birds like Common Crane and Snow Bunting just a few short miles to the south at Beddington Farmlands.

On Monday and Tuesday I was down on the Exe Estuary, Devon filming with Countryfile. I was doing a piece on Black-tailed Godwits with the delectable Julia Bradbury. You'll be able to watch it on Sunday 12th December on BBC1.

Julia Bradbury & TUB

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theconstantwalker said...

Well i for one will be watching Countryfile that night. I am a big fan of Julia......and you of course.