Wednesday, 8 December 2010

DJ Lindo

King of New York (David Fettes)
Having got over yesterday's day of decadence (displayed by others and unfortunately not me) life swung back to normal. Whilst working at home I had a text for Scrubs stalwart, Anders Price, telling me that he had just discovered a Woodcock in the grassland. Unluckily for Anders, this wasn't number 96 on The Scrubs year list because I had previously seen either one three times or three separate birds over a few days earlier in the year when we had that nippy spell. A nice sighting all the same.

Tomorrow, I will be hitting Wormwood Scrubs hard and I won't leave until I find a Firecrest. Well that's the plan. I may explore local berry bearing bushes in the vain hope of finding a secret flock of Waxwings too.

This afternoon/evening was spent variously behind the wheels of steels knocking out a few tunes and busting a couple of hot mixes. Sometimes I miss my djing past. The remainder of the time was spent more sedately behind the computer screen with MTV Dance in the background as a visual radio. I'm planning my next urban birding adventure to be written about in the pages of Bird Watching Magazine. Ah yes, Staines looks appealing......

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