Sunday, 8 November 2015

Back In The USA - Cape May 22-25 Oct 2015 - pt5

 Cape May sunset
Cape May is an incredible place for birds.
 Savannah Sparrow
 Lesser Yellowlegs
Immature Merlin 
 Downy Woodpecker
 1st winter Tennessee Warbler 
It is also a great place to meet some very interesting people. My time in the US was supported by Spain's Extremadura Tourist Board so I gave some talks on urban birding within the region.
 Urban Birding in Extremadura
 An appreciative audience
 My great friends Kevin Karlson, his wife Dale Rosselet & Vanesa Palacios
 Cape May Migration Festival book signing
 Sitting alongside one of the US' finest birders, Michael O'Brien
 Pete Dunne, the walking legend that he is.
David La Puma, Cape May Bird Observatory's Director - a legend in the making
My main reason for being in Cape May was to attend the Cape May Migration Festival as keynote speaker.
 TUB gassing
I had a large appreciative audience that also included several African-Americans which was a real rarity, so I was told!
Cape May Bird Observatory

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