Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Back in the USA - Brooklyn Bridge Park and Central Park, New York City

Brooklyn Bridge
The next stage of our journey saw us journey the three hours by road to noisy, full-on New York City.
TUB, Heather Wolf & Vanesa Palacios
 It was here that we caught up with Brooklyn Urban Birder Heather Wolf, who eagerly showed us around Brooklyn Bridge Park, her local patch. What I loved about her was the fact that she started watching this patch in 2010 shortly after it was built and has recently registered her 130th species in the shape of a Sora. She avoided the lure of the bright avian lights in Central Park and instead discovered her own jewel. Full respect to her!
Hermit Thrush
 We saw a host of birds in this very busy site under the shadow of Brooklyn Bridge.
 Hermit Thrush
 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
 Swamp Sparrow
I also registered a couple of lifers including Swamp Sparrow
 Yellow-rumped Warbler
 Grey Catbird
 House Sparrow
 Immature Catbird
 1st winter Ring-billed Gull
 Brent Geese
It was a brilliant morning spent with a birder whose passion for life and for birding unlikely spots was infectious.
 Central Park
No trip to NYC would be complete without a visit to the phenomenal Central Park
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
 We made a brief visit in the afternoon and bagged a load of species including Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Golden-crowned Kinglet and White-crowned Sparrow.
Black-throated Blue Warbler

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