Monday, 13 April 2015

Spring is Scrubbing up!

I'm back on it!

Whilst I see out the final weeks of the Vote National Bird Campaign it will mean that, by and large, I will be able to scour my beloved patch for migrants. April along with September are the months to be loitering around on The Scrubs looking for the unusual amongst the usual.

It certainly paid off today. Not only did I hear the very last quiet strains of a Nightingale coming from Chats Paddock - our first record for a couple of years - but I also bumped into a female Ring Ouzel in Central Copse.
 Female Ring Ouzel
Every year I sweat, worrying about whether or not I will see one or that the very least, someone else sees one during the year on the patch. It was a relief. It was also a magical moment as the enigmatic Ring Ouzel is also my very favourite bird and it came looking for me.
 A male Wheatear - our first of the spring seen last week
 The Wheatear
 A gorgeous Blue Tit
A drifting female Sparrowhawk

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Margaret Adamson said...

There is a Ring Ouzel in a garden in co Antrim last week. Good that you saw one.