Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Wing over America!

Somewhere over America
The day has finally come and I'm on my way to southeast Texas where it meets the Mexican border to attend and speak at the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival - the largest in the US I'm led to believe. I will be out here for the next 10 days.

Trouble is my American curse has struck again. I'm sick with quite a heavy head cold. Now I know it's only a cold and I know that it hasn't developed into fully formed man flu but when you chuck in a 11 hour flight it's a recipe for disaster. Landed safely in Houston at 5pm local time. First recognised bird was a flushed Killdeer, watched from my seat in the plane. Got the connecting flight a couple hours later to McAllen, a small city just north of the Mexican border.

Tomorrow I'm co-leading an urban birding walk for some of the delegates at the Diversity Conference there, which ends tomorrow. It's a gathering aimed at encouraging birders to get urban people and especially ethnic people, to get out birding.

More tomorrow. Repair time. Sleep.

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Matt Fidler said...

Yes I know what that is like, had a bad cold on a 13 hour flight to Singapore, not nice at the best of times but on a plane...ugh!