Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival

By far the highlight of my Texan adventure was my invitation to the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival which celebrated it's 20th year this week. My thanks to South Texas Nature, Marci Fuller the rest of the Feastival team and my great friend and all round nice guy, Keith Hackland at Alamo Inn & B&B.

Met a whole new crowd of dedicated US birders - all of whom are now special friends.
 Wader & raptor expert Kevin Karlson & TUB
 Captain Robert Kirk of Princeton Press 
 A small glass of lemonade
 TUB and the one and only Sharon 'Birdchick' Stiteler
 TUB presenting at the festival
 TUB with Dave Magpiong, Mandy Magpiong and a photobomber!
 Good mate and Cornell Lab of Ornithology giant - Matt Young
 TUB in the presence of greatness: David Sibley and Kenn Kaufmann
Whilst at the Festival is was announced that the US's second ever Amazon Kingfisher had been discovered literally 15 minutes down the road. Thus began a mighty twitch - the like of which I have never seen before on US soil!
 Cleveland's Jen Brumfield celebrates
 Twitchers assembled
 Doug Gochfeld and Matt Young are liking proceedings!
Twitching US style!

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