Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The hunters are the hunted

My blood boiled over several times yesterday after learning about and seeing pictures of various species of animal ranging from Brown Bears to thrushes shot in the name of sport organised by a company that was apparently based in the UK.

Well, it turned out that the page was a forgery put up by people fleecing money from unwitting hunters wanting to go on organised shooting trips. Isn't it funny that the hunters are getting ripped off by fraudsters!

I hope that Facebook do remove the page nonetheless as it still remains a repulsive reminder of one of our disgusting traits as humans that still persists despite us claiming to be civilised. 


BirderRon said...

Yeah, nice one! Could have happened to 'nicer' group of morons!

BirderRon said...

Sorry, should have read 'could not' - not how it looks.

Margaret Adamson said...

Yes I hope that take it off facebook. Never had spam comments, would not answer annonymous comments, just delete them if i ever would get them! margaret

Anonymous said...

Sharing your disgust and rage. I've tried contacting the Romanian Ministry of Environment - to no avail yet, but I'll go on.

They're still there, gathering likes (who "likes" such an atrocity?), being their sweet selves:

Please, can you share more information? How was it proved that they are a forgery?

Thank you,
Anca Pol (Romania)