Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How can these vile pigs be allowed on Facebook?

One of the heinous entries on Hunting and Sporting Scotland Ltd Facebook page
How can people like this lot be allowed to advertise shooting trips to kill Brown Bears in Romania, Turtle Doves and Song Thrushes in Spain.

How can a company based in a civilised country but clearly run by barbaric animals be allowed to advertise such vile activities involving species that are in serious decline.

These people have to be stopped. Please pressure Facebook and leave messages expressing your disgust on their page. These horrid people need to be exposed.

Need I say anymore.


Margaret Adamson said...

Wow! David that is terrible. Do you think you could be rid of the 'robot' necessity! It is annoying and frustrating. If you don't know how, email me and I will send you instructions. I know people are more likely to leave comments on a post without this on it. My email, if you have lost it, is on the bottom of my profile. Margaret

The Urban Birder said...

Mi Margaret.

To be honest, I'd rather people had to jump hoops to leave messages because then you would get less spammers and less of those people masquerading under the 'anonymous' pseudonym.

holdingmoments said...

Dave, I read about this on Twitter. Absolutely outrageous. Disgusting how some people manage to find 'pleasure'. I would happily 'hunt' them; allegedly.