Tuesday, 30 April 2013

London the new Falsterbo?

I've been very lucky over the past few days whilst strolling around Central London. No, I didn't find a stash of cash on the floor nor was I basking under a hot sun - when is that going to happen again?

No, I've seen some great urban birds. A week ago whilst walking along Southbank I casually looked at the Thames and amongst the cruising pleasure boats was an adult Shag happily diving away. It was my first adult in central London. The day before a discovered a Red-legged Partridge casually strolling past the football pitch that I was about to play on.

Most surprising was  yesterday's sighting - an Osprey soaring over Covent Garden! I was walking up St Martin's Lane and as I do, I looked up to the sight of what I orginally thought was a large gull. A second look and I suddenly realised that I was watching an Osprey. The bird then drifting east, no doubt following the course of the Thames.

Today, whilst parking in Golden Square, I looked up and there was a Common Buzzard drifting south. Tomorrow I will be up on Tower 42. Will my luck continue?
 Common Buzzard over Golden Square, central London
 Red-legged Partridge on the wing
Still making a run!

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