Monday, 22 April 2013

A last look at Norway.........for now

 Spectacular views
 Snow Bunting
 Herring Gull
 Mealy Redpoll
 Meal time for a Mealy
 Spot the King Eider!
One of the cloudier days 
 Me and the group
 Common Gull 
Sunset over the fjords


Phillip Dews said...

I really want to go now! Did you get to see The Northern lights dude! Im heading to London on Saturday so may pop in The London Wetlands centre for the first time!
Happy spotting David
- Phillip

The Urban Birder said...

I did see the Northern Lights Phillip and boy were they amazing!

BirderRon said...

I'd love to go and see them too but my domestic supervisor and account says a big an loud "NO!" She doesn't like the cold ;-)))