Sunday, 3 March 2013

Doorstep birding - in LA

 Male Black Phoebe
I'm back in LA after a couple of mostly cold weeks on the east coast. I haven't been well since leaving Tucson and it's now abundantly clear that I need to see a doctor fairly urgently for a prescription of antibiotitics to fight the pain in my throat, hacking cough and general lethargy that I am feeling. This is all a residue of the flu that I had three weeks ago.

I've felt too lousy to bird at all recently, but I did manage a few minutes this morning on the doorstep of the East Hollywood apartment that I am staying in. I saw Ravens, a Red-tailed Hawk, Anna's Hummingbirds, House Finches and Northern Mockingbirds. I also watched a Black Phoebe singing from the top of a tree right outside the front door.

I also saw this raptor drift over whilst I was coughing.
Possible Red-shouldered Hawk
It flew and appeared to look like an Accipiter but my feeling was that it may have been a Red-shouldered Hawk.

Tomorrow, I will be visiting Ballona Wetlands, my 'LA local patch'. That should be interesting.

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Rob said...

Hope you feel better soon!