Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ballona Wetlands - my LA local patch

Popped out of my sickbed on Sunday to lead a small walk down at my favourite LA birding spot Ballona Wetlands (pronounced Bi-yona) on the coast near LAX Airport.

Unfortunately, I didn't last long because I felt rotten and my throat felt as though someone had drop-kicked me there. Despite all that, I still managed to connect with a few species that I have not seen in years.
 Brown Pelican
 Ring-billed Gull
 Glaucous-winged Gull
 Heermann's Gull - 1st winter
 Western Willet
 American Coot
 Marbled Godwit
 Royal Terns
 Black-necked (or Eared) Grebe
Least Sandpipers

1 comment:

Stephen Middleton said...

Looks like a great local area -must be warmer. Really looking forward to your visit to Alexandra Palace on the 19th. With luck you will see our new peregrine.