Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Who said that there were only foxes in British cities?

A series of bad shots of the Wormwood Scrubs Weasel
Yesterday, I was standing on the path facing the embankment area at The Scrubs when I became aware of a Song Thrush around 70 yards away standing bolt upright and stock still. When I scrutinised it I was amazed to see that it was being mesmerised by a Weasel that was sprinting back and forth across the path each time getting a little closer to the thrush.

The inevitable did not happen however. Just when I thought the thrush would meet it's end a Sparrowhawk shot overhead sending everyone scurrying. It was an amazing sequence of events that I had never witnessed before. Even more amazing was to see a Weasel on my home patch within London, a mammal that I so rarely see at the best of times.

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