Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Scrubs' first Merlin or is it something else?

Sitting in a tree
Marked out
In flight (All photos by Nick Gibson)
Newbie Scrubber Nick Gibson was strolling around The Scrubs when his path was crossed by a low flying small falcon flying in a rapid fashion towards the grassland. He had the presence of mind to take some shots of the strange raptor. Unfortunately, the pictures were not great so sussing the identity of the mystery falcon is going to be tough.

The small size and general bluey grey back and mantle perhaps suggests a Merlin - a long expected site tick. However, when perched on a bush the general colour seems bluey grey including its head and chest area. Clearly not right for a Merlin. Or is it just a trick of the light?

Anyone want to hazard a guess?


Andrew Kinghorn said...

Looking at the last shot it looks like a male Sparrowhawk flying away.

James said...

Looks closer to 1cy Red-foot although the legs look yellow. Difficult but very interesting. Not Merlin for me.

Graham James said...

I don't reckon it's a Merlin, David and, to me, it does resemble a Red-footed Falcon. A hard one to call for certain from the photos though.

GeoffB said...

Have tried to enlarge/refine the shot but no luck ! Looks like it could be 1st year Red foot male ...hope it sticks around & you clinch the ID