Monday, 17 October 2011

Fog gets in your eyes

The Scrubs - I'm lost!
Somewhere on the football pitches
A thousand apologies, for those who follow my blog for my recent lack of blogging activity. I have been all over the show promoting my book. Since my last entry I've given talks and signed books at Rohan Kensington (outdoor clothing store), Waterstones in Notting Hill (with my mum as the special guest), the London Wetland Centre, Bexley RSPB Group and the Wildlife Expo at Alexandra Park last Saturday.

And there's a shedload of events yet to come including attending the Photographer of the Year award at the Natural History Museum on Wednesday, the BTO Oscars, the RSPB's Society of Wildlife Artists opening, a talk for the Avon Wildlife Trust, a weekend at Portland Bill Bird Observatory, the launch of Ghosts of Birds Gone and being keynote speaker at an international conference on Long-eared Owls in Serbia. All that activity taking me to the first couple of days of November!

I had a rare moment yesterday morning at The Scrubs. My hopes for observing diurnal migration were dashed by a total peasouper of a fog. At one point I actually got disorientated on the patch that I have stalked for the past 18 years!

Needless to say, I didn't see that much apart from a dark thrush that landed on top of a Poplar a la Fieldfare style before quickly disappearing. I got my bins on it momentarily, but couldn't make out any plumage details due to the thick fog. Ring Ouzel?

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