Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Farewell to an old Scrubber!

Anders Price (Russell F Spencer)
Anders & TUB on Tower 42
Wormwood Scrubs lost a birding soldier today to the bosom of the United States, Washington State to be exact. Anders has been a loyal Scrubber for the past two years after arriving on these shores a husband to an American Diplomat who was on secondment in the UK. In the mornings when she made her way to the embassy he would cycle down to The Scrubs for a spot of birding. Indeed, our paths first crossed a couple of years ago when he came down to see a migrant Spotted Flycatcher that had pitched down on our beloved patch.

Since then he became a steadfast member of the birding team, discovering our first ever Great Grey Shrike (whilst I was marooned on The Azores last October sob sob) and the finder of our third ever Woodlark. I knew that he was ultimately going to leave the fold last year when he first got wind of the possibility of his family returning home. I put it to the back of mind, rueing the day. But that day has finally come.

Good luck Anders mate. Hopefully I will make it to your new US patch one day, but in the meantime, thanks for being such a great Scrubber!

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