Monday, 25 July 2011

Arne RSPB & Cecil Fowler

I spent a wonderful Sunday in Dorset with members of the Hawk & Owl Trust led by the lovely Cherry Barlow. She had organised for me to lead a walk at Arne RSPB Reserve along with the very knowledgable Rob the Warden.

Prior to the walk we took a quick stroll onto the heath were he showed me my first ever Smooth Snake, Britain's rarest snake. Indeed, I was fortunate enough to handle both a male and female. On the actual walk we were unsuccessful in finding another Smooth Snake but we did catch a Slow Worm - ashamedly my first ever live one. Well, I am a city boy after all!
Slow Worm - this one was a pregnant female
Rob the warden - lovely, knowledgeable chap! (Penny Hayhurst)
One of the big moments of my visit was to meet with Cecil Fowler, the young Eagle Owl that Cherry had asked me to name a few weeks ago. Cecil and I got on like a house on fire. We immediately had an emotional link.
Meet Cecil Fowler
TUB, Cherry Barlow & Cecil (Penny Hayhurst)
TUB & Cecil birding (Penny Hayhurst)
TUB & Cecil gull watching (Penny Hayhurst)
Looking up! (Penny Hayhurst)


Eagleseagles said...

Slow worm? I had one as a child - mind it was on the outskirts of the Medway Towns then!
But Smooth Snake now you are talkin!
Arne is a great place to bird.
Love the Eagle Owl - this one looks a bit fluffy - is young?

The Urban Birder said...

Yes, he's a youngster. Born in May 2011.

BirderRon said...

You're being hard on yoursen Boyo ... you're not a TUB at all - you're quite slim really ;-)))

BirderRon said...
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Mpho said...

Interesting Encounter. I like the eagle owl.

Cherry Barlow said...

I think Cecil was also in awe of you too David - Cecil being only a babe of 8wks has only been handled by myself & my son! so I was a little anxious Cecil would'nt settle on a 'new persons' glove! I need'nt of worried,you are a natural bird handler..BTW hes learning to fly!