Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Spider Man where are you?

Not much birding done at all today whilst yesterday, I did manage to sneak a quick walk through a thronging Walthamstow Marshes. Despite the sunny weather and the ton of people out variously cycling and walking with families, friends, dogs and sometimes all three - I still managed to see a few birds.

I counted as many as six singing Common Whitethroats in the tiny pockets of scrub alongside two singing Sedge Warblers. All within a stone's throw of picnicing humans. The best bird of the afternoon was the Peregrine that flew over being chased by a crow.

Later, whilst helping to move a pot plant onto a windowsill, I came across the above photographed spider. I was taken by its size and colouration. It was easily over an inch long and had reddish legs and thorax with a pale abdomen. Consulting my Collins Spiders Field Guide the only things that matched the description was either Dysdera erythrina or more likely, Harpactea hombergi. Being a bit on the big side, I decided that I'd let it go about it's business and not to disturb it for a proper photocall.

Anyone knows what it is?


Rob said...

Most likely Dysdera crocata "The Woodlouse Spider". Dysdera erythrina looks very similar and is larger but also rarer and not normally associated with human habitation.

The Urban Birder said...

Thanks very much Rob!