Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dirty City Blues

Dirty City Blues (Alastair Riley)
Life in the city has been cold and grey until today when the sun peeped out momentarily and it was just cold. It's funny how different you feel when a couple rays bounce of your skin. Recently, I recorded my first non Wood Pigeon on the feeders in my back garden. I use the word 'garden' very loosely as my yard is basically a small concrete patio. A pair of Robins worked in tandem trying to chisel off bits of suet, whilst on the floor below a male Blackbird splished and splashed in the ornate birdbath that someone gave me for Christmas about a hundred years ago.

The Spring migrants will be with us shortly and I can't wait. In fact, I will be lying in wait for them in several locations come April, namely Tower 42, Canary Wharf Estate and of course on my beloved Scrubs.

Perhaps, I might be lucky enough to enjoy a vision similar to the one that my good friend Alastair Riley has painted whilst I patrol the urban wilds of the Canary Wharf Estate. Time will tell.

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