Thursday, 24 March 2011

Call to arms

Great Tit (Russell F Spencer)
My grand fighting talk/pep talk to myself worked, because yesterday I strolled onto The Scrubs and immediately flushed a migratory Woodcock from the playing fields. It was our first ever March bird. A little later a second winter Mediterranean Gull flew over with a bunch of Black-headed Gulls. Now, we have had a wintering bird on and off, but that one was an adult and by the last time it was seen (last month) was sporting a fine black hood.

Finally, whilst checking the grassland to count the numbers of singing Meadow Pipits an exquisitely beautiful summer plumaged Northern Wheatear landed on a Blackthorn bush. Lovely.

I must go now to prepare my speech for the All Ireland Conference in Belfast on Friday, where I will be chatting about the virtues of urban birding. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Neil Spiers said...

Sounds like a damn good day to me mate, Woodcock (still not seen) and a Wheatear!!