Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sheffield Sunday

Mark Reeder & TUB in Sheffield (Russell Spencer)
I don't like Monday's or Wednesday's for that matter. Sunday is the day of choice to spend in Sheffield for me. And what a nice day too, despite being in the minus degrees with thick ice everywhere and the remnants of the deep snow that dumped down in the region a few short weeks ago. I was in the city to investigate the urban birding possibilities under the expert and amiable guidance of local lad, Mark Reeder.

Mark certainly knows his birds having spent time in some of Britain's best hotspots from Shetland to the Scillies. He took me to some very interesting looking spots in and around town that have all attracted some pretty interesting birds. We didn't see a great deal although we did enjoy large numbers of Gadwall feeding in a field and an interesting dark-mantled pink-legged Herring Gull. Needless to say, no Waxwings. Read all about Sheffield in a forthcoming issue of Bird Watching Magazine.

Meanwhile, back in London it was business as usual. Writing, sleeping and watching MTV Dance. Some of those videos they play shouldn't be allowed. But they are and that's great!


Neil Spiers said...

MTV Dance eh fella!? LOL

If you ever head further up North am more than happy to show you around the wonders Blackpool and the Fylde has to offer.

Penny Bun said...

Sorry you didn't see much. I saw my first Sheffield urban kingfisher on Saturday!

Killy Birder said...

I'm guessing that you have already been to Newcastle for the most inland breeding Kittiwakes? If you got bored with the kittiwakes you could spend Friday evening on the quayside and see far more shocking things than on your videos.:-)

Dean Eades - Birds Wildlife photos- BirdMad.com said...

Look forward to the read