Thursday, 6 January 2011

From Tower 42 to the Pantanal

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Despite the dismal grey rainy day a lot occurred in The Urban Birder office.

Firstly, I had a great meeting with the Tower 42 Management Team about this spring's migration watch. They were delighted with last year's results and are keen to push and nurture the Tower 42 Bird Study Group's profile in the building and beyond. All good news to me. If you want to get involved in the spring migration watch from the top of one of London's most iconic buildings then drop me an email via my website.

This evening I attended a talk by James Lowen at the Camley Street Nature Reserve meeting room about the wildlife on the Pantanal in South America. A fascinating talk featuring some amazing wildlife. Everyone needs to get themselves out there after buying his guide book!

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Neil Spiers said...

David shame I live up North as would love to be involved in the Tower 42 project!!!! Good luck again with it.