Friday, 22 October 2010


My new charges
I am now the proud babysitter of a pair of goldfish that were foisted onto me by a holidaying neighbour. What she doesn't realise is that I have a terrible record with this member of the carp family. Most if not all have died whilst in my care. It's funny, I was contemplating looking after a Daschund for a week but decided against it for logistical reasons. I'm not sure if an menagerie at The Urban Birder Towers would work somehow. I shall keep you up to date on the life and times of the two nameless fish in my care.

Otherwise, today was a day behind the laptop writing. I had to miss the Tower 42 venture this morning, but by all accounts it was totally crap for any movement. This Sunday will be the Migrant Bird Blitz that will see birders scouring the parklands of Canary Wharf Estate and the London skyline from Tower 42. That could be interesting.

Anyway, time to prepare for football in the morning.

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Rob said...

Erm Dave, you know goldfish are actually really hard to keep in a traditional goldfish bowl, you need to make sure you get the water change just right (i.e. not too much that you end up bathing the things in tap water and making sure you put conditioner in the water you intend to change to disperse any ammonia, nitrite and chlorine) and enough to remove their, ahem, waste. Externalise your fishkeeping ineptitude and blame your frieds for not giving you a tank with a filter! Incidently joined the rest of Norfolk and saw gorgeous flock of waxwings in Great Yarmouth Town centre, how's that for urban birding Norfolk style?

VillagerFred (birdforum)