Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sorry to go on......

The controlled Nightjar
I'm holding it!!!
Look at that!
The BTO's Dawn Balmer and TUB

At last I got the photographic evidence from the other night's Nightjarring. I'm still buzzing from the experience!

I had a 2 hour meeting at the BBC this afternoon which went well then the remainder of the afternoon was spent on various errands. I'm planning urban birding trips to Bradford and Leicester in the New Year. Anyone out there prepared to lead me around?

Off to the British Bird Fair tomorrow morning. I'm in the 'Call My Ruff' team on Friday afternoon so I was rehearsing my lines for that and I was also putting together my talk on Saturday morning.

There's nothing like the last minute!


The Abbot said...

Great shots. Well done TUB you must be well pleased with the evenings work

Anonymous said...

A tremendous experience to be sure. I'd be astonished if you didn't "go on..."

thorntonmothman said...

If you are still planning a visit to sunny Leicester in 2010 then I'd be happy to nake some time for you Dave.