Saturday, 15 August 2015

Berlin - Goshawk capital

Early July saw me strolling the streets of Berlin urban birding. I have long known that this German city had a decent population of Goshawks but I didn't realise just how prevalent they were. With over 120 pairs present it's got to be the European capital for this impressive raptor?

 I came across at least three pairs with juveniles including the above depicted juvenile. The birds were fairly easy to see and certainly vociferous. To think that we struggle so much to see them in the UK where they are ultra secretive and certainly not urban.

The Goshawks stole the show for me but Berlin is clearly a green city potentially brimming with birds.
 Spotted Flycatcher 
 Black Redstart 
 Wood Pigeon
 House Sparrow 
 Juvenile Reed Warblers 
 Reed Warbler 
 Eurasian Jay



Simon Douglas Thompson said...

A woman resident at the moment in Berlin, Amy Liptrot, is very fond of the goshawks, and has a book about how nature in Orkney helped her recover from a difficult time. Called Outrun I think.

Pierre Cenerelli said...

Great post! And I can indeed confirm that Berlin is awesome for birding.