Friday, 6 December 2013

The birding wonders of Serbia

Another great Serbian Long-eared winter trip over. My group were well happy with over 800 Long-eared Owls plus an array of other birds that included Barn and Little Owls, Hen and Marsh Harriers, Common Buzzards, Merlin, Kestrels, Caspian Gulls, Spoonbills, 3 Red-breasted Geese and c12,000 White-fronted Geese.
 Male Bearded Tit
 The same male Beardie
 Female Bearded Tit
 One of the hundreds of Long-eared Owls
 Several of the 1,000's of Common Crane
2nd winter Kittiwake (1st on the left) - a self found national rarity!
But it was the owls that everyone came to see. I've seen it several times now and I'm still blown away everytime.

Come let me take you to Serbia next year......


Anonymous said...

A weekend to see owls in Serbia?

Is this what should be happening as climate change takes hold more and more?

The Urban Birder said...

It's less directly climate change and more to do with farming practices.

The owl's biggest enemy is not global warming but the EU. The moment Serbia becomes a member country its farming will intensify ultimately spelling the end for the large gatherings.

Vladimir Bogovac said...

Hello David, could you please explain in more details how do you think intensified farming would negatively affect bird gatherings, such as Kikinda owls, especially during winter. Thank you.