Saturday, 1 December 2012

Serbian Owl Bonanza!!

 You lookin' at me?
 Who are you?
 Where do you think you're going?
 Not you again!
 A tiny portion of the Long-eared Owls that I saw today in Serbia
TUB being interviewed by the Serbian media about the owl phenomenon in Kikinda
I never though that I would live to see the day when 600 Long-eared Owls would enter my life. Yes, 600 you read it right. All of them were perched in their daytime roosts in the three towns that I visited with the tour group that I am leading in Serbia.

The best town was my favourite, Kikinda - 16km from the Romanian border in northern Serbia. We saw half our total in the town's square alone! I heard the great news that the square will be made into a nature reserve from next year making it the only one of its kind in the world. How amazingly cool is that!?!?

Why are there so many owls?

Well, seeing as the farming methods are relatively simple in the countryside surrounding the urban roosts it has encouraged a huge number of rodents to proliferate providing abundant food not only for the LEO's but Barn and Short-eared Owls but for a number of raptors too.

You have to come out here to witness this incredible phenomenon for yourselves!


Arnie and Dan said...

That looks an unbelievable sight David!

Clare said...

Wow - fantastic!! Is that a record - or just a normal day at the owl roost?