Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The morning after the Nightingale before

 A migrant Sedge Warbler
 A female Four-spot Orb Weaver Spider
 A dew bathing Robin
More bathing
Yesterday, we recorded our first ever autumn migrant Nightingale at The Scrubs. It was found along the western end of the embankment. This morning I came back to the scene of the crime in the vein hope of trying to relocate the bird.

Instead, I got attacked and bitten on the arm by a Pit Bull-type dog being walked by a woman who obviously had no control over it. The dog had to be pulled off me whilst it tried to chomp at my ankle. Thank God I was wearing my hiking boots!

Bird-wise it was pretty quiet with highlight being a Sedge Warbler I found skulking in a Chats Paddock bush alongside a Chiffchaff.

But you know what they say: tomorrow is another day!

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