Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Plenty of Bullfinches but where are the Crested Tits & Black Woodpeckers?

Male Bullfinch (Russell F Spencer)
Bullfinches seem to be the flavour of the month right now. Everywhere I turn I see Bullfinches apart from in real life.

Okay, I haven't been out as much as I should have been recently but ever since I wrote a piece in RSPB 'Birds Magazine' on these delectable birds I have had loads of people sending me emails and tweets telling me about the Bullfinches in their gardens. There seems to be an awful lot of them out there - Bullfinches that is and it's heartening.

Now, on a slightly different subject, can somebody please tell me why there are no Crested Tits anywhere in the UK aside from their outpost in Scotland and why Black Woodpeckers haven't been officially found in the UK?


BirderRon said...

Maybe the creasted tits know they can't get reall haggis darn sarf and the black woodpeckers can't get a visa to enter the UK - which is strange seeing as they are EU residents and I though the all had rights of entry ;-)))


PS, yer book wanna bad TUB.

Leo du Feu Painter of landscape and nature said...

I always really enjoy your Urban Birder column in RSPB Birds magazine. Very interested in your recent piece re bullfinch song. I didn't know they did sing! I respond to this in my first ever blog posting, so many thanks.

Have a look - http://landscapeartnaturebirds.blogspot.com/