Friday, 9 December 2011


Wood Pigeon (Russell F Spencer)
Hello again!

All I want to talk about right now are Wood Pigeons - and for two main reasons. Firstly, I got myself into the Guinness World Records Book the other day by getting 226 people to immitate the song of this delightful pigeon using swannee whistles.

Secondly, on a rare visit to The Scrubs this morning, I saw around 700 heading over high from the northeast. They twinkled in the blue skies. A gorgeous sight.

Look at your neighbourhood Wood Pigeon in a different light.


BirderRon said...

I don't have to look very hard here in Dorktown TUB ... we have loads of 'me on our feeders out on the back yard. Greedy sods they are too ;-)))

Andrew said...

I have them in my garden.. they are my garden hoovers, always under the feeders cleaning up after the Goldfinches etc..
Beautiful birds to see.

Anonymous said...

Great effort!

But isn't it Woodpigeon and not Wood Pigeon?

The Urban Birder said...

I partially follow the new name suggestions implimented by the British Ornithologists Union - hence Wood Pigeon. Interestingly, despite them saying that we should say 'Sky Lark' I still prefer the old fashioned 'Skylark'!

Julie Feinstein said...

I love wood pigeons! I only ever see them when I am far from home :) -- I just added a link to The Urban Birder to my blog at Nice to virtually meet you! Best, Julie

Bob Bushell said...

They are variable in own way, vacuum cleaner.

Richard said...

Interesting post and comments on a bird which is easy to take for granted.
In our house we've nicknamed them 'hoover pigeons' as (like Andrew and Bob have said) they just seem to hoover up everything in sight.