Friday, 4 November 2011

My Kikinda Town!

With the International Conference on the Survey, Monitoring and Conservation of the Long-eared Owl (to give it the official title) over I had time to reflect on the phenomenon that is the amazing parliament of Long-eared Owls that gather in Kikinda, northern Serbia.

In the town square there were already nearly 200 birds gathered - and winter hasn't really even kicked in yet. They can expect to see at least three times that number by January!

Kikinda can truly claim the title of Long-eared Owl Capital of the World!
Two birds as seen through my bins (binscoping)
Strange fruit
Spot the LEO
I can see you!


Alan Pavey said...

What a spectacle!! Just one here is cause for celebration.

sami webster said...

wow! fantastic :)

Penny Clarke said...

Wow - all those LEO's in one tree!!!